When making up, or breaking out, drill pipe or casing, it is done with a massive tong. This tong is calibrated to torque the pipe or casing up to a predetermined amount set by the pipe or casing manufacturer. To ensure that all the joints are done to specification, the Torque Turn software tracks and logs all the connections.
My job was to develop UX and GUI for the version 2.0 of this software. New features where introdused, as well as a entirely new way to set up the system and the existing interface needed a more intuitive usage.
To achieve this, I was to identify all the features, possibilities and potential use-cases in the new system. Next the job was to organize them in a logical way, and create workflows based on the different use-cases.
When this was done, mock-ups and prototypes was made for testing, before a final UI design and workflow was settled on.
The Torque Turn 2.0 runs as a stand alone application in the Cyberbase System, and a designguide for such apps was used to determine the GUI.
Customer: NOV Torque Turn
Where I worked at the time: NOV
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