When an oil well is close to depletion, the pressure inside the reservoar is often too low to push the oil up to the surface. To push the last remaining oil out of the reservoar, pumps are placed at the outer perimeter of the reservoar, pumping cleansed seawater into the reservoar pushing the last remaining oil up the well bore. The cleansing used to be done with expensive chemicals that needed replacement very often. NOV Seabox is a brand new way of cleansing seawater using the salt in the water to create a chlorination process used to clean the water. The Seabox can run for extended periods of time with no maintenance or no replacing of components. To set up and monitor this system, a HMI interface was to be developed
My job was to develop the user-scenarios, the UX and GUI for this software. 
To do this i needed to identify all the features, possibilities and potential use-cases for the system, and then organize them in a logical way and create workflows based on the different use-cases.
When this was done, lots of mock-ups and prototypes was made for testing, before a final design and workflow was settled on and implemented
The Seabox software runs both as a stand alone application, but can also be accessed in the Cyberbase System, and a designguide for such apps was used to determine the GUI.
Customer: NOV Seabox
Where I worked at the time: NOV
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