The RISE workstation for drillers is the next generation workstation replacing the existing Cyberbase. It can be adjusted to fit the drillers every need and can be operated both sitting and standing.
Since this was the new station used across all of NOV's installations, a new joystick was needed with integrated lights and two buttons. I developed and drew the new joystick.
A new touch interface was also needed to operate the chair, and my job was to develop a intuitive way to visualize how this could look within the existing Cyberbase HMI look and feel.
The new chair also contains small touchscreens on the armrests, and one of the alternatives was to place the chair operation in those screens. 
The workstation with the new joystick and interface was first shown to the public at ONS 2016, and was very well received. 
Customer: NOV RISE
Where I worked at the time: NOV

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