RigSentry is NOVs equipment and maintenance system. The system basically monitors the equipment on rigs, and gives you access to usage, wear, real time status and much more. It is a complex and comprehensive system with many layers and lots of functionality. 
My job was to develop the UX and GUI for this software. 
To do this i needed to identify all the features, possibilities and potential use-cases for the system, and then organize them in a logical way and create workflows based on the different use-cases.
When this was done, lots of mock-ups and prototypes was made for testing, before a final design and workflow was settled on and implemented
RigSentry runs as a multi platform application for the customers to access from anywhere, on any device, and a designguide for such apps was used to determine the GUI.
Customer: NOV RigSentry
Where I worked at the time: NOV
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