Active Heave Drawworks is a system where to stabilize the drilling operation when the rig is moving up and down due to waves and wind. The system controls the Drawworks to keep the top-drive at level in almost any condition. To calculate and predict the boundaries for this operation, a software tool, called the AHD Dashboard, was designed. With this, the customers could simulate different weather conditions and get accurate output of possible operating range and limitations. It was also a tool for tracking real time data from the AHD system, that again could be used for further simulation.
My job was to develop the GUI for this software. 
To do this i needed to understand all the features, possibilities and use-cases for the system, to be able to make a GUI that presented this for the users in a logical and informative manner.
Lots of mock-ups and prototypes was made for testing, before a final design and workflow was settled on and implemented
The ADH dashboard software runs as a stand alone application in the Cyberbase System, and a designguide for such apps was used to determine the GUI.
Customer: NOV AHD
Where I worked at the time: NOV
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